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noticed by its competitors. in boston tatiana mcfadden won the women's wheelchair race. >> tatiana mcfadden. >> reporter: in london, a second victory yet still bittersweet. >> it's about hope, you know, and it's about bringing hope to the people back in boston, and so that's what the race was about today, and i really dedicate the race to boston. >> reporter: the messages of goodwill work in both ways, from prince harry poised at the finish -- >> the way boston's dealt with it has been absolutely remarkable. >> reporter: to boston's transit police "we hope you and you will the runners have a great day." two cities with one message, we remain defiant. duncan golestani, nbc news, london. >>> when "nightly news" continues on this sunday, rising floodwaters in the midwest where many are still bracing for the worst. >>> and later a deadly weekend in ski country. we'll go to colorado where the avalanche struck. >>> states of emergency in the midwest tonight as dozens of rivers have overflowed their banks triggering deadly flooding. nbc's john yang has the latest from clarksville, missouri. john,
boston marathon, tatiana mcfadden had won, placed if, in the wheelchair division. >> my family was there, had tears in their eyes and joy and we celebrated a little bit at the finish line. >> reporter: hours after she finished her race the bomber struck. >> we went into a lockdown, firefighters were running to our hotel make sure there was nothing at our hotel, going into all the bathrooms. we immediately moved to the lobby. >> reporter: it must have been terrifying. >> it was chaos. >> reporter: tatyana was born in st. petersburg with spina bifida. she was sent to live in an orphanage. >> i walked on my hands in the orphanage, no wheelchair. i just hung on to life and i had a lot of hope. >> reporter: hope arrived when her new adopted mother, working in russia for the u.s. health department, took notice of the sick little girl. >> when my mom walked through that door, i knew she was going to be my mom and life definitely changed for me. >> reporter: tatyana was brought to the united states. >> to even sit like this it was awkward. i thought i had minimal time to live. >> reporter: she p
it has been quite a week for wheelchair racer tatiana mcfadden. she crossed the finish line just before the blasts in boston, and in sunday in london she won her second marathon for the second name less than a week. >> she said she carried the memories of those in boston throughout that course. >> what a week it has been for her and for all of us. our time is done. for viewers in the u.s., cnn's continuing live team coverage of the aftermath of the boston marathon bombings continues with josh berman live in boston and zoraida sambolin in new york. >> international viewers will see world one with our own zain verjee. thanks for joining us. u 8 çñ . >>> new developments and live coverage of the boston marathon bombings. the surviving suspect in a hospital bed may be charged today as investigators try to learn more about how it all unfolded and whether tre
tatiana mcfadden winning the wheelchair division, monday waswas her first boston marathon. >> the weather was perfect. >> reporter: she and her university of illinoisil university powered through thee heartbreak thrill and the real heartbreak would come later. >> we just were hanging out andd had people sprinting down the escalators, and you can see theycan were freaking out. >> reporter: mcfadden, they were back at the hotel not farhote from the finish line when the the blast happened. tatiana had won the race, amanda had placed third, but suddenly su that didn't matter.tter. >> medical doctors and nurses nurs were tearing through the finishh line. everyone street it was absolutely amazing to seesee everyone come together. >> it was a remarkable exchange. a marathon, but yet also the human experience in coming cong together to help.lp >> reporter: they rushed torush leave the city.leave the ci people that didn't know helpedd them. each of the 14 illinois racers ra had two wheel chairs plus luggage. lu >> strangers i was havingha people i didn't really >> reporter: text and
for the people back in boston. >> reporter: that is 25-year-old tatiana mcfadden who has never walked, but won the boston wheelchair marathon. they ran for boston in solidarity. almost the exact same race time yosee police on the went off. race course. hundreds of thousand of spectators here talking about being resilient in the face of terrorism. >> people all stick together. that is it. we have got to come out and show we are not scared. and you know, and that's it really. and i'm going to cry. we love you, boston. >> reporter: and the runners love london. tatiana won her second marathon in seven days. >> just quite incredible. quite incredible. >> it is definitely dedicated to boston. and remembering those affected by it. >> reporter: and jack finished what he started in boston as a tribute to his home town. >> when i finished a man said -- relieved? i said no redemption. finishing for people that don't have legs anymore. forever scarred. it just carried me today. never forget it. one of the more touching moments in my life. >> reporter: nick schifrin, abc news, london. >> marathon runners t
to commemorate those killed and wounded in monday's attack in boston. but on a happy note, tatiana mcfadden, the elite wheelchair racer who won monday's marathon also came in first in the wheelchair division in london. she had her thoughts were never far from boston. >> the whole weekend was definitely dedicated to boston and, you know, the race is definitely dedicated to boston. we had a huge support from london, which was amazing. i think the support definitely carried athletes through the entire race, which, you know, was phenomenal. even london donating, as we heard, 2 pounds for every finisher to boston. so just the support that we're getting around the world just means a lot, especially, you know, back to boston and even athletes. >>> mcfadden set a new record for the course in today's win. there's so many details coming in by the minute and investigation into the bombings in boston about the suspects, the one who is dead. the other one is still in the hospital. did he shoot himself in the neck to try to kill himself? or did he return gunfire between him and the police? we're still tr
that in so many ways, especially with tatiana mcfadden, a true champion. on the day of the bombing she won the boston marathon in the wheelchair division and a week later, she went to london, did exactly the same thing. she joins me now. welcome to you. >> thank you. >> first of all, congratulations on this extraordinary double success and we'll come to that a little later. you finished the boston marathon, you won it, you were feeling presumably jubilant about that, and then you hear that these bombs have happened. were you still on the location? did you hear them live or were you watching somewhere? >> i just missed the bombs. i happened to leave fairmont hotel which is right at the finish line at 2:30, so i just missed the bombs. i got out of the shower and i saw my parents and my teammates just staring at the tv and telling me two bombs went off and i said what, like is this -- is this really happening. and so luckily, i was back at the hotel room at sheraton which is only four blocks away from the finish. >> you then decided right, i'm going to go to london as i planned, i'm going to
year prince harry will hand out medals to the winners. tatiana mcfadden could be amok them. she won the boston women's wheelchair race and she's competed in london as well saying the city will be in her heart. >> running for london i'm going to be dedicating the race to the people in boston and it's about trying to show that, you know, we're not going to let this event win. >> before the start of tomorrow's race there will be a 30-second silence and organizers promising every competitor who make it is over the finish line, they will donate $3 to the boston victims fund because this has really dominated the news over here all week. just look at some of the today's headlines. you can see this one here, the hunt with some of those dramatic images from yesterday's siege. and on the front of "the guardian" dead and alive with the two suspects taking center page. there really has been an outpouring of support for the people of boston and a lot of relief that it is finally over. alex? >> the indomitable human spirit, pretty darn inspiring. thank you very much. >>> turning now to some other
female runners. and the winner of the wheelchair marathon, tatiana dedicated her win to those who died or suffered last week in boston's bombing incident. mcfadden won her event in boston last week. in the studio, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> for more on the boston bombings, you can go to our website where we have a special section with more details and information. go to for our continuing coverage online. >>> tomorrow, the north bay plans to run to honor victims. that gins at 6:45 tomorrow morning. participants in the run are encouraged to run blue and yellow clothing. the official colors of the boston marathon and afterwards, runners can share stories and talk about the toll of last week's events. >>> astronaut, mark kelly, is scheduled to speak at a community college convention in san francisco. kelly is the former commander of the space shuttle endeavor's last mission. he also became a gun control advocate after his wife, former arizona representative, gabrielle giffords, was injured in tucson. it is being held at san francisco's mosconi center. >>> sunny and warm weather in
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9